Working Mamma’s

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just one smiley face 😃 from a nervous breakdown 😬?

Are You Able To Meet The Parenting Requirements?

According to a survey, two-thirds of working Mothers are unable to meet the requirements of parenthood due to work pressures or other time commitments. This can lead to parental burnout, feelings of failure, and hopelessness.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed?

Are you struggling to connect with your children?

Are you experiencing the burden of time anxiety?

Listening To Mamma’s

4 min Timeout

Parents cannot function when we are feeling overwhelmed with emotions, so why not create a “timeout zone” in your home… STOP hiding in the garden shed, toilet, or bedroom wardrobe!

It’s not just our children who require a timeout zone, us busy Mamma’s do too!

Use this space to relax, reflect, recharge, and start listening to Mamma’s 4min Timeout track.

This Special Free Gift Reduces Stress Levels And Elevate Symptoms Of Parental Burnout.

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The truth is this short recording is just the beginning!

I really want you to switch exhaustion for excitement and become a stress-free parent, that’s why I created the Focused Family Formula.

Focused Family Formula is a 10-step online parenting program that is specifically designed to help working parents

manage their time more effectively

reduce parental stress

become calm-assertive communicators

and restore balance into their family dynamics.

Who is Deborah Byrne and why should I listen to her?

Deborah Byrne is a counsellor and parenting coach who uniquely combines both practices to help restore balance in family dynamics.

She first started her career as a youth worker, nearly 20 years ago in early education, caring for children with Autism and Down Syndrome.

Since then, Deborah has worked with various organisations, schools, and families. She has trained foster carers in soft language skills and is an advocate for non-violent communication.

Deborah is also a holistic therapist, specialising in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); her approach is effective and offers practical solutions to common parenting problems.

After being diagnosed with a rare endocrine disorder (brain tumour to be exact) and becoming a mother herself, she began to suffer with what she now terms “parental anxiety”- feelings of failure and complete overwhelm.

Her own personal journey led her to the realisation that if we are to thrive as parents, time management and self-care are just as vital as calm-assertive communication and connectedness.

Deborah has dedicated the last few years of her life to creating a 10-step parenting program called “Focused Family Formula” which she will confidently refer to for guidance throughout her daughter’s childhood.

She wishes to unite as many parents as possible from all around the world to join her on this journey so that they too can feel guided and supported throughout their own personal parenting experiences.

Are you ready to?…

Master calm-assertive communication to guide your children’s behaviours.

Deeply connect with your children and strengthen your relationships.

Become a stress-free parent so you can really enjoy your parenting journey.

If so, book in your complimentary Parenting Action Plan call today!

We want to set you up on a clear road to success by discussing your current parenting struggles and creating a Parenting Action Plan that will instantly transform you into a calm-confident parent.

We guarantee at the end of this call you’ll discover what parenting style you are currently practicing and how to best overcome your parenting struggles.

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Deborah Byrne.