Focused Family Formula

A 10 Step Formula for Hard Working Parents to Manage Their Time More Efficiently, Reduce Parental Stress and Become Calm-assertive Communicators in Order to Build Stronger Relationships within their Family Dynamics.
Module One

Focused Mindset


  • Identify and implement the 5 key elements of focused parenting into your family home.

  • Shift your mindset and start a self-care program that will instantly boost your motivation, increase your self-confidence, and improve your overall sense of wellbeing.


Time for change? I thought so…

Understand the 5 key elements of focused parenting and how to integrate them into your family home. Increase those all-important endorphins by joining a health challenge for the duration of this course. Start taking positive steps towards becoming a “new you” and shift your mindset to a more productive way of thinking.

Module Two

Time Poor to Time Rich


  • Create a schedule for the week ahead by allocating suitable timeframes to each of the 3 pillars of time allocation.
  • Use the “4 D’s funnel system” to prioritise tasks and learn to let go of what is outside of your influence.
  • Start taking advantage of the top 10 time saving hacks for hard-working parents.


Stop feeling overwhelmed and start kicking goals!

It’s time to create a schedule that is manageable and focuses on allocating your time appropriately. You will instantly become more productive by categorising your daily tasks using the 4 D’s funnel system and recognising to let go of things that are outside of your influence.

It’s finally time to get that never ending list ticked off and start prioritising what really matters… let’s get your s**t done!!

Module Three

Our Family Personalities


  • Discover what parenting style you are currently practicing, and which is the ideal.

  • Identify your child’s personality type & preferred styles of communication. 

  • Recognise your child as an individual and start communicating with them in a way that builds trust.


I’m finally being heard!!!

Discover your parenting style and discover why research suggests “authoritative parenting” is the ideal. Gain insight into your child’s personality type and preferred style of communication so that you can begin to speak their language and strengthen your relationship.

Module Four

Our Emotional Toolkit


  • Understand how the brain works in fight or flight mode.
  • Identify your triggers and discover how to best manage them.  
  • Break the cycle of parenting that often stems from our own limiting childhood experiences.
  • Increase your ability to listen and remain patient in any given situation. 


Feel more calm, confident, and in control of your emotions by recognising, reflecting, and realising the underpinning causes of your triggers. Understand why triggers are generally more to do with our own past experiences rather than the current situation we are facing. This module gives you insight into your emotional self so that you can let emotions pass you by without taking any unnecessary action. 
Module Five

Your Childs Lighthouse


  • Understand your child’s developmental age and start to recognise their needs.  

  • Stay connected to your child, even during challenging situations.

  • Let go of parental control and start acting as a guide for your child to independently process their own emotional states.


All kids will lose their s**t from time to time… It’s the one guarantee that comes with the territory of being a parent! Discover the causes of misbehaviour and what we can do as parents to guide our children into self-regulating their own emotional states. Take a journey down the riverbanks of chaos & rigidity and start steering in the right direction.
Module Six

Building Connection


  • Build the foundations for “family time”.

  • Connect with your children in ways that you both enjoy.

  • Give your child the gift of undivided attention.

  • Bring your family closer together with routine family meetings.


Have more positive interactions with your children by engaging in activities the whole family can enjoy. Deepen your connection and notice how much easier it is to guide your child’s emotions, even during times of conflict. Practice the visualisation of “walking in their shoes” so that you can momentarily see the world through their eyes.
Module Seven

Mastering Communication


  • Find resolution by using non-violent communication strategies and master the skill of empathetic listening.

  • Resolve matters more quickly by avoiding escalation traps.


Break free from old limiting habits, start practicing nonviolent communication, and begin to truly understand the importance of conflict resolution. Reach the outcome you desire in any given situation by encouraging positive behaviours. Become aware of how the tonality in your voice and the body language you display is being interpreted by others.
Module Eight

Guidance And Direction


  • Master calm-assertive communication.

  • Establish healthy boundaries and have them respected.

  • Come to terms with your own limiting beliefs around discipline and start taking action.


Had enough of feeling like the fun police? Feeling like you’re constantly nagging your child, making empty threats, or just giving in for some peace and quiet? Yes, we have all been there and it is exhausting! Let’s focus on finding the right balance between authoritarian and permissive parenting by establishing healthy boundaries and getting the best out of our little devils… oops, I meant children!
Module Nine

Focused Family Toolbox


  • Establish preventative maintenance strategies in your household to avoid unnecessary escalation traps. 

  • Have a quick and easy “toolbox” of practical solutions for challenging situations.


We all carry a “toolbox” for most practical jobs in our lives so why not carry one with us for parenting too? Let’s set you up with some awesome strategies, exercises and practical solutions that are age appropriate and can easily be used in any given situation so that you can continue the journey of focused parenting effortlessly.
Module Ten

Focused Family Transition


  • Decrease feelings of failure by learning the fundamental foundations of ACT. 
  • Understand regression and resistance and how to best deal with them.
  • Unlock the secret weapon of self-forgiveness. 
  • Recognise when you may need more support.


Let’s put it all together!! 

but first we must learn to recognise when we may need more support and understand it is normal for there to be trial and error, especially when trying something new… don’t give up! Just accept and commit to moving forward. I promise you; you’ve got this!!

Who Am I?

I live with a rare endocrine disorder which resulted in many symptoms including a brain tumour, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and crippling Insomnia. Those sleepless nights led to feelings of exhaustion, especially when returning home after a long day’s work.

After my daughter was born, I started struggling with what I now term “parental anxiety” – those awful feelings of failure and being completely overwhelmed.

But wait – I’m a parenting coach!

How could I feel like I was failing?

Parenting was supposed to be easy for me, right?

I discovered that parents often fall into the trap of being so overwhelmed by our busy schedules that you start to believe you have “no time” for anything, especially yourself and interpersonal relationships.

When I recognised this about myself, I literally decided to stop everything, simplify my life and take the necessary steps towards becoming a focused parent. Since then, I’ve dedicated my time to creating a 10-step parenting formula that I use to navigate my way through my daughter’s childhood. Us parents can take control of our busy schedules, reduce our parental anxiety and benefit from what now I term “focused parenting”. Through practicing the fundamental principles of this program, I parent with confidence (even when faced with inevitable parental challenges) and feel more relaxed than ever before. I’ve left feelings of “burnout” in the past and have an established routine which works for me. My healthy work/life balance allows me to be productive in my career while still having enough time and energy for my darling daughter, Grace. 

My primary goal is to help busy parents everywhere feel supported on this amazing journey of parenthood by reducing everyday stresses, living more mindfully, and focusing on what really matters in this lifetime: your children.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Hard working parents who are struggling with “parental burnout” which has led to feelings of failure, a lack of emotional control and a breakdown in communication & connection with their children.

By working with Deborah, you will be given the framework to let go of limiting beliefs, reduce parental anxiety, organise your time more efficiently, become a calm-assertive communicator and restore balance into your family dynamics.


Who It Is Not For?

  • Parents who are self-assured and believe there is nothing wrong with their parenting practices.

  • Parents who are completely content with their own childhood memories and how they directly impact their children.

  • Parent who are calm-assertive communicators and are deeply connected to their children.

  • Parents who don’t suffer from stress and are completely relaxed in their home environment.

  • Parents who like to live in chaos.

  • Parents who are happy with their schedules and believe there is no room for improvement.

  • Parents who want to continue delegating most of their parenting duties to educators, nannies, cleaners, live in au pairs and extracurricular activities.

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