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Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

I coach parents on how to manage their time more effectively, reduce parental anxiety and become calm-assertive communicators in order to build stronger relationships with their children. This is achieved by following a simple 10-step formula that can easily be implemented in any family home. I will personally guide you through the process and be your dedicated mentor so that you can feel more confident, less stressed and be supported on this amazing journey of parenthood.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We will need to complete a parental analysis so that I can determine the root cause of what’s NOT working within your family household, once we’re both clear on these issues we’ll discuss your goals. If we determine that working together is your best next step toward achieving your goals and solving the root cause of your parenting concerns, we’ll talk about that. If we conclude my program isn’t right for you, I will still point you in the direction of the right resources that can help you.

3. Who is Deborah Byrne?

Deborah Byrne is a holistic therapist and parenting coach who uniquely combines both practices to help parents restore balance into their family homes. She first started her career nearly 20 years ago as a teachers aid, caring for children with Autism and down syndrome. Since then, she has worked with many families from various backgrounds and has trained foster carers in soft language skills as a way to appropriately communicate with the children under their care. Deborah is also a holistic therapist; her approach is effective and offers practical solutions to common parenting problems. After being diagnosed with a rare endocrine disorder and becoming a mother herself, she began to suffer with what she terms “parental anxiety”- feelings of failure and complete overwhelm. Her own personal journey led her to the realisation that if we are to thrive as parents, time management and self-care are just as vital as positive-communication and connectedness. Deborah has dedicated the last few years to creating a 10 step “focused parenting formula” that she will confidently refer to for guidance throughout her daughter’s childhood. She wishes to unite as many parents as possible from all around the world to join her on this journey so that they too can feel guided and supported throughout their own parenting experiences.

Some People I’ve Worked With

Laura Halliway

Clinical psychologist

“Focused Family Formula offers a holistic approach to parenting that is easy to implement and adds structure to the family household. An excellent program for parents to reduce their stress levels and improve family relationships.”

Despina S

Youth worker/Teenage yoga instructor

“My communication with the young people I work with has improved greatly. They have all been responding well to the direction strategies Deborah teaches. I have also found they have a clearer understanding in the way they express their feelings and emotions.”

Sunit Gill

Director Epping Early learning Centre

“I highly recommend this parenting program to families who want to gain a deeper understanding into their children’s developmental needs. This program has been made available to the educators at my centre.”

Hailey Calfe

Social Media Manager/Mother

“We now practice the same parenting strategies which has been amazing for our relationship. The girls are so much happier, I finally feel like we’re all working together as a team.”

Hugh Fraser


“Deborah’s voice is incredibly calming, since listening to her stress buster tracks my sleep has improved dramatically and I respond to my toddlers needs with more patience and understanding.”