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How to Switch Exhaustion for Excitement and Feel Energized for Family Life

Three productivity life hacks to simplify your daily tasks so you can recharge and really enjoy family life.

Deborah Byrne
Parenting Coach, Holistic Therapist & Full-Time Mum

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

✓ How to spot the signs of parental burnout and how to free yourself from them

✓ How to use the three pillars of time allocation to eliminate parental burnout

✓ Why prioritising yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential… and how you can make time for yourself in your hectic schedule

✓ Why multitasking is the enemy of productivity and what you should be doing instead

✓ The 4Ds funnel system – which has allowed my clients to accomplish more in their day

✓ Why you have more time than you think – and how you can find it!

✓ How a Ranked To-Do list beats overwhelm and how to create yours