Discover how to Overcome Parental Burnout by Joining this short 10min parenting workshop.

What You Will Learn:

Weekly stress-management classes, coffee catch-ups, thought provoking parenting articles and so much more!!….

Week 1 Self-Care

Self-care isn’t selfish-it’s essential!

Join a health challenge for the duration of this parenting program and start taking positive steps towards becoming a “new you”. Shift your mindset to a more productive way of thinking and increase those all-important endorphins by recharging your parenting batteries.

Week 2 Time Management

Stop feeling overwhelmed and start kicking goals!

It’s time to create a schedule that is manageable and focuses on allocating your time appropriately. Instantly become more productive by categorising your daily tasks and letting go of things that are outside of your influence.

Week 3 The Ideal Parent

Gain respect with authoritative parenting practices.

Discover your parenting style and discover why research suggests “authoritative parenting” is the ideal. Gain insight into your child’s personality and preferred style of communication so that you can speak their language and finally have them listen to you with ease.

Week 4 Heal your Triggers

 Identify and manage your parenting triggers.

Instantly feel calm, confident, and in control of your emotions by recognising the underpinning causes of your parenting triggers which are generally more to do with our own past experiences rather than the current situation we are currently facing.

Week 5 Guidance & Direction

Become your child’s very own parenting coach!

Discover the 3 primary causes of misbehaviour and what we can do as parents to guide our children into self-regulating their own emotional states. Start steering in the right direction down the riverbanks of chaos & rigidity and instantly increase your child’s confidence.

Week 6 Connect with your child

Deeply connect with your children and strengthen family relationships.

Have more positive interactions with your children by engaging in activities the whole family can enjoy. Deepen your connection and notice how much easier it is to guide your child’s emotions, even during challenging situations.

Week 7 Empathetic Listening

Break free from old styles of communication.

Truly understand the importance of non-violent communication, start encouraging positive behaviour’s, and become aware of how the tonality in your voice and the body language you display is being interpreted by others.

Week 8 Master Communication

Become a calm-assertive communicator and restore peace back into your family home.

Had enough of feeling like the fun police? Feeling like you’re constantly nagging your child, making empty threats, or just giving in for some peace and quiet? Yes, we have all been there and it is exhausting! Let’s focus on finding the right balance between authoritarian and permissive parenting by establishing healthy boundaries and getting the best out of our little devils… oops, I meant children!

Week 9 Parenting Solutions

Carry a toolbox full of practical solutions for every parenting challenge.

We all carry a “toolbox” for most practical jobs in our lives so why not carry one for parenting too? Let’s set you up with some awesome age appropriate parenting strategies that are effective even in the most challenging situations so that you can continue the journey of focused parenting effortlessly

Week 10 The big transition

 Welcome to Stress-free parenting!!

Congrats, you’re now a stress-free working parent raising calm confident children! Just remember It’s normal for there to be trial and error along the way, especially when trying out something new. Don’t give up, just accept and commit to moving forward and take it easy on yourself… I promise you; you’ve got this!

Let’s get started…

Become a stress-free working parent and raise calm-confident children

Have any questions? Book in a time that works for you!

What You’ll Get:

You’ll receive access to a 10-week online parenting program full of journal prompts, exercises to do with your child, downloadable worksheets, daily stress reducing audios, short training videos and many other bonus resources. It is recommended you try to complete this course in 10 weeks, but everything is self-paced, so you never need to worry about falling behind. Once you’ve completed the last module, you’ll be given 4 extra weeks to access the program so that you’re able to review and download everything you need to start the journey of stress-free parenting. It’s time to become the parent you want to be! The course includes:

Training Videos

Watch Deborah discuss important topics from each of the ten modules and teaches you calm-assertive communication skills. Suggested reading included.

Audio Inspirations

A library of 4-minute stress relief track designed to help you rewire your brain to a state of calmness and presence.

Private Forum

lifetime access to a private Facebook group of supportive parents where you can ask questions, voice your frustrations, and celebrate your wins! This FB group is moderated by Deborah.


Practical Exercises

Weekly assignments that will transform your current parenting practices and reduce your stress levels by up to 80%

Answers to your biggest parenting challenges

Printable information sheets that answer the most common parenting questions on a wide range of topics from sibling conflict, sleep habits, to managing screen-time, behavioural contracts, family meetings and so much more!!


Bonus worksheets, 15-minute Stress Relief track, breath training and so much more!!!….

Let’s get started…

Become a stress-free working parent and raise calm-confident children

Have any questions? Book in a time that works for you!

What Parents Say About This Online Course

(From parent evaluations)
“Focused Family Formula offers a holistic approach to parenting that is easy to implement and adds structure to the family household. An excellent program for parents to reduce their stress levels and improve family relationships.” – Laura Halliway
“My communication with the young people I work with has improved greatly. They have all been responding well to the direction strategies Deborah teaches. I have also found they have a clearer understanding in the way they express their feelings and emotions.” – Despina S
“I highly recommend this parenting program to families who want to gain a deeper understanding into their children’s developmental needs. This program has been made available to the educators at my centre.” – Sunit Gill
“We now practice the same parenting strategies which has been amazing for our relationship. The girls are so much happier, I finally feel like we’re all working together as a team.” – Hailey Calfe
“Deborah’s voice is incredibly calming, since listening to her stress buster tracks my sleep has improved dramatically and I respond to my toddlers needs with more patience and understanding.” – Hugh Fraser

Let’s get started…

Become a stress-free working parent and raise calm-confident children

Have any questions? Book in a time that works for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
Working parents who feel anxious, stressed, and exhausted and are experiencing some degree of parental burnout.
How much does this course cost?
The usual cost of this 10-week parenting course is $297 Australian dollars. This includes lifetime access to a private FB group that is moderated by Deborah, you’ll be welcomed into a supportive parenting community.
Why is this course so inexpensive?
Deborah is dedicated to transforming the family dynamics in as many homes as possible which is why the cost of her online parenting program is so affordable. The additional support of 1-on-1 coaching with Deborah is only made available to families who have joined this parenting program.
What if I need private coaching during the program?
Wonderful! You can book in a call here to discuss additional 1:1 coaching with Deborah. We can explore your unique family circumstances in our call together and see if we’re a good fit for one another.
Can my spouse or partner join me?
Absolutely yes! Deborah encourages all primary caregivers of your children to participate in this parenting program, login details are made available per family NOT per parent!
How is this course delivered?
The course is delivered over 10 modules which have all been broken down into subtopics. Once you finish the last module, you’ll be given access to the program for an additional 4 weeks to review and download everything you need to know. The course is accessible through an online membership site which has a library of short training video, stress reducing recordings, downloadable worksheets, powerful parenting strategies and so much more! You’ll also be given lifetime access to a private FB group that is supportive and moderated by Deborah.
How much time will I need to set aside to complete this program?
This 10-week parenting program is broken down into bite size pieces of powerful parenting information that only take 10 minutes a day to digest. You can transform yourself into being the parent you want to with just 10 minutes a day!
Can I download the audios to listen offline?
Yes! All audios are downloadable, Deborah encourages you to listen to them as often as possible so you can rewire your brain and reduce your anxiety by up to 80%.
Is there a forum for the parents in the course to ask questions?
Absolutely! There is a wonderful community for parents to ask questions, share successes and frustrations, and give each other support and encouragement. You’ll be invited to join Deborah’s private FB group as soon as you sign up to the program.
Will parents of children of all ages find this course relevant?
The principles taught in this parenting program can apply to children of all ages, but the main focus of this program is for children between the ages of 2-18yrs old. Your whole family will benefit from this course, whether your child is just crawling, a toddler, five, eight or even eighteen years old. In fact, many course participants say the course improved their relationships with spouses and work colleagues too!
How do I know if this is right for me and my child?

If you are uncertain if this course is the right fit for your family, book in a call here where we can discuss your concerns further.

I have questions not listed here. Can I talk to someone?

Of course, book in a call here to get all your questions about the program answered. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Let’s get started…

Become a stress-free working parent and raise calm-confident children

Have any questions? Book in a time that works for you!